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Thursday, April 26, 2012

All About Attiude

Managing money isn't hard.  Building wealth isn't difficult. But you have to have the right attitude to do either.  We all start from different places and our experiences and perceptions of the world shape our opinions about money.  The world may teach you that it's hard to earn money and if that is the case, it would be difficult for you to earn money without seeing some struggle involved.  A person who has had experiences which have given them the opposite view may have the same struggles but would not be as focussed on the struggle as much as the money that was coming in.

To really get going with wealth creation, we need to scrutinise the beliefs that we have about money.  If they are negative beliefs, then we need to acknowledge these but let them go.  I have been through the attitude of "I can't afford...." and at that time in my life I had no goals and no dreams.  I wouldn't allow myself to want anything because I couldn't afford to buy it.  Meanwhile I was wasting money on too many small things that, had I had a plan, I could have used to do or buy something great.

I now live by the attitude of "I can have anything I want, however long it takes me to save for it" and I am finding that it is serving me quite well.  I seem to have the exact right amount of money when an opportunity comes up to do something fun or get something I want.  The universe lines up so that when the builder is available, so are the funds.  I decide how much money I want to spend on an item and then the item (which is usually many times more expensive) becomes available at exactly that price.

I have read plenty of books about the law of attraction and I am not 100% convinced yet but I am getting there.  There are too may coincidences.  But even if things don't appear just because we want them, denying yourself the opportunity to want something because you can't afford anything can't really help your situation.  Better to let yourself want something you don't have and then go about planning to get it, even if it takes 10 years of saving.  It gives a sense of purpose and something to look forward to, don't you think?

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